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TIG/GTAW Welding Machine

1. Applicable in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Onshore & Offshore, Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding & Shipyard, Thermal & Nuclear Power Plant, Boiler, Heat Exchanger Refrigeration, Medical, Voyage, Pressure Vessel, Foodstuff Machinery, Atomic Power, Beverage etc.

2. Scope of applicable: O.D.φ16mm-φ219mm, and pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipeflange, pipe-valve body etc carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless-steel and so on materials butt welding of wire feeding or no wire feeding autolysis

3. PAAWM series welding machine’s heads including 4 types of spec, according to you use space condition and scope of product to option one or several types of welding head

4. Use of PLC control system and LCD touch-screen human-machine interface, can store up to 100 groups of welding, each welding specifications can be divided into a 12 paragraph, type in is simple, no professional basis and special language.

5. Forced water cooling system, equipped with 16 liters stainless steel water tanks, water pressure and other conditions not subject to site constraints, cooling adequate, reliable and convenient.

6. Containing car-integrated design, freedom of movement.

7. Equipped with a small toolbox and argon gas cylinder blocks, but also can be incorporated in the weld head set the carriage to ensure the safe storage

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