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Welding Machine

1. Advanced IGBT inverter technology.  

2. Compact, portable, highly effective, low consumption, energy saving. 

3. With strong compensation capability, resistant to voltage fluctuation, stable welding

4. Anti-stick, thermostatic control, fan-cooled, carrying strap. 

5. Hot start, arc force, overload protection. 

6. Supplied complete with electrode holder and earth clamp, face mask and welding brush, carton box. 

7. Applicable for welding of all kinds of ferrous metals such as low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and alloy steel, etc. 

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Model ARC-250
Power voltage AC 230±10%
Frequency  50/60Hz
No-load voltage 60V
Output current 30-200A
Rated output 28V
Duty Cycle 60%
Efficiency 85%
Power factor 0.73
Insulation grade F
Protection grade IP21
Weight(power source) 9.12
Dimensions mm 415*150*295
Max Electrode φ mm 4.0

1. 3M Earth Clamp with Standard Cable

2. 3M Electrode Holder with Standard Cable


Optional Accessories

1. 300Amp Orange Welding Cable (100% Copper)

2. 8M WP26V Tig Torch Complete with Full Accessories & Sleeve

3. Argon Regulator with Flowmeter