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Plasma Cutting

1.    HF Arc-starting, High Success Rate At Arc Starting

2.    High Cutting Speed, Narrow And Clean Cutting Gap, No Grinding

3.    With Pilot Arc Function, Cut Plates Into Complex Shapes

4.    lnternational Brand Mosfet And Rectify Tube

5.    High Duty Cycle, Energy Saving, High Reliability 

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Input Voltage (V) AC380V ±15%
Input Power (KVA) 22
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Output Current (A)

30 - 120

Input Current (A) 32
Duty Cycle (%) 60
Weight (Kg) 50
Dimensions (mm)

650 x 350 x 556

1. Plasma torch complete with sleeve 6M & 1 set of Tip, Electrode, Shield Cup

2. Earth clamp with cable std

3. Pressure regulator with filter