MRR 1500

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MRR 1500


MRR 1500 Multi-operator rectifier

1. MRR 1500/ MRR 3000 Multi-Operator Rectifier will be a wise choice where a large number of welding points are in use.

2. Different jobs require welding current of different value, at varying duty cycle at different point of time.

3. Such a diversity in demand enables the use of MRR Series to feed la e number of operators through individual regulators.

4. This number can be seen from the graph in the brochure which reveals that investment cost per operator in this case is less than that when individual rectifier sets are used.

5. MRR 1500 and MRR 3000 sets are provided with proper protective relays and thermostats to prevent any damage in the rectifier banks and the main transformer due to prolonged thermal overload and momentary overload due to short-circuit.

6. For proper functioning of the sets in an extreme cold and humid condition heating elements are provided inside the sets which can be switched on before welding is started.

7. The Ammeter, Voltmeter and all the controls are housed in detachable box for easy inspection and servicing.

8. Since the MRR Series is of constant voltage type the welder at every welding point shall have to use separate Current Regulator (RG 500) to select required welding current.

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Input Voltage (V)

AC220/380/400/415/440/500/550V ±15%

Input Power (KVA)


Frequency (Hz)


Output Current (A)


Input Current (A)


Duty Cycle (%)


Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (mm)

875 x 1025 x 1430


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