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Welding Machine

1. Generator safe

2. Able to use with long extension cable 

3. SINPER technology (micro1900)

4. Stable, controlled arc

5. Robust design with steel cabinet

6. 5 Metre mains supply cable 

7. Due to its latest SINPER technology this advanced welding inverter allows a maximum of 180A from regular 230V mains

8. Electrode diameters up to 4.0mm can be used with this set

9. Safe use on generators, uninterrupted welding also with long extension cables

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Model MICRO-1900
Input Voltage (V) 1x230V (±10%)
Input Power (KVA) 6.2
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Output Current (A) 190
Arc Force Current (A) 0-200
Duty Cycle (%) 60
Weight (Kg) 9.5
Dimensions (mm) 390 x 150 x 255