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Gas Cutting

1. Portable H Structural section gas cutter is designed for cutting large-sized structural section.

2. The cutter is constituted of web plate cutting mechanism, wing plate cutting mechanism, control box, gas distributor and torch. The shell of cutter is made of aluminum.

3. Every section is connected with web plate cutting mechanism.

4. The web plate mechanism is composed of box of reducing speed, motor and clutch.

5. The web plate cutting mechanism walks on the track with four rollers.

6. The wing plate cutting mechanism is installed on one side of the web plate and four pulley sustaining bars move vertically in the way that gear moves with gear rack.

7. Design of the cutter is reasonable and the cutter is easy to check and repair.

8. All operations are completed on the control panel such as quadruple switches, quick return push-button, speed modulation, power source switch.

9. It is easy to master the operations even if freshman.

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Input Voltage (V)

AC 220V±10%

Cutting Speed (mm/min)

50 - 750

Cutting Thickness (mm)

5 - 50

Bevel Angle (°)

0 - 30 (wing plate;web plate)

Maximum fly past of web plate cutting (mm)


Maximum fly past of wing plate cutting (mm)


Maximum angle of wing plate slanting cutting


Maximum angle of web plate slanting cutting


Body Dimension (mm)

400 x 340 x 440

Track Dimension (mm)

270 x 220 x 2200

Body Weight (mm)


Accessory Weight (mm)