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Cutting Machine

1. “CG2-11G”hand pipe cutter is a kind of economic and practical cutter.

2. It has four parallel roller wheels.

3. It uses chains to enwind the pipe to lock the machine.

4. You can operate it to cut big steel pipes (the diameter is above 108mm) by hand.  

5.The machine has many merits, such as: unique structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and repair, few non-cutting time and high reliability.

6. It suits for cutting outdoor without power source.

7. The machine has bearer of chain wheel, which can slide along two axes to tighten or release chain.

8. The driving chain adopts double joint structure to connect in line.

9. You can increase or decrease chain easily according to the diameter of pipe.

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Model CG2-11G
Input Voltage (V)

AC220V ±15%

Cutting Thickness (mm)


Cutting Speed (mm/min)


Pipe Diameter (mm)


Dimensions (mm)

325 × 320 × 425

Weight (Kg)


1. cutting torch & fitting (Chain Standard (52pcs) 2470mm length for Dia 600)