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Auto Welding Carriage

1. Small capacity, low gravity center, lightweight, portable. 

2. High magnetism magnet increases dependability of operating and draft load to assure the machine operates smoothly. 

3. It can operate many machines on the base of increase dependability of operating and self-stop function. 

4. The guide transfer switch can make it move toward right/left.Guide equipment is screw lockage-on type.

5. Guide wheel’s height can be modified by three methods. 

6. New spacing switch system increases the limited height of distance plate.

7. All of the top characters are wonderful on the aspect of “effective welding” and “operated by primary person”.

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Model HK-6A
Input Voltage (V)

AC220V ±15%

Speed (mm/min)


Attract Force (Kg)


Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (mm)

430 x 280 x 290