Danox Welding - Tips on Purchasing Your First Welding Machine

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Danox Welding - Tips on Purchasing Your First Welding Machine

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Danox Welding - Tips on Purchasing Your First Welding Machine

Danox Welding - Tips on Purchasing Your First Welding Machine

Yay! So, it’s time to purchase your first welding machine. You are excited, and we at Danox Welding are excited for you too! However, you shouldn’t just go out there and grab the first shiny thing you set your eyes on. There is a chance that is the best pick for you, and there is another chance that you get home or reaches your workplace to realise it’s the worst buy ever.

We don’t want you to take such chances. How about knowing just what you want before you leave your home or workplace? Follow through this post with us at Danox Welding!

Consider your welding projects

The choice of welder you would go for would be largely dependent on the kind of projects you are preparing to work on.

For example, you can’t use the same kind of welding machine for thin metals and then apply that same piece of equipment to metal sculptures or heavy automotive work. For the latter, you would be better off with a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding machine over a Metal Inert Gas (MIG) equipment for the former.

Take power into consideration

We are not kidding when we say welding takes a lot of power. There are usually two power modes available for a standard welding unit: 110V and 230V. It needs no telling that the higher power setup will work for heavy metal works while the former would work better on light metals.

But then, there is more to the story.

To operate the 230V unit, you would need to fabricate a special power outlet set up so that you don’t suffer electrical overloads. That is not an issue for the 110V unit which can work out of a simple power unit in the home.

Consider power level options

Now that you know what the power levels are, you might be tempted to choose the lower level if you are a novice. While that is not an issue (if you know what you are looking for specifically), it can be limiting. You can just get a dual-power welding machine in good faith instead. As you grow in your experience base, you would be able to handle heavier welding jobs – giving rise to the need for the higher power region.

Consider the brand

Much like any other product, there are different brands of welders out there. It would be in your best interest to choose one that is not only intuitive but highly user-friendly too. The welder should also be able to offer you diverse functionality such as allowing the selection of different thickness levels to suit the metal you are working on.

Looking for a wholesale that offers a plethora of selection? Danox Welding Pte Ltd would be a recommended option that allows you to choose from such a wide range of highly functional yet user-friendly welders!

Work within your budget

This is just as important as any other point.

Before you set out looking for a welder, know just how much you are willing to spend to get one. Know what you want and make sure your budget is reflective of that. Then, you can proceed to the best wholesale (Hint: Danox Welding Pte Ltd) for the best welder to fit those defined needs. With every other thing in mind, of course.

It is worthy of note that you should not sacrifice quality for cost. A lot of low-cost options might present themselves, but they might come back to haunt in the long run. See your welder as an investment and pay a fair price for it – all within your reasonable budget.

Interested in getting your first welding machine? Contact us for more information today!


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