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Danox Welding - 5 Steps To Improve Your Welding Technique
Whether you're a beginner or an amateur who had practised for some time, welding can still be a complicated thing to master. Hence, there are quite a few things to consider such as the correct angle to handle your torch, proper welding direction, speed, effort, distance and a lot more. Without further ado, Danox Welding is here today to share with you some useful tips on how you could improve your welding technique.Let's begin!Step 1. Correct Torch AngleWhen handling the torch, make it a habit of tilting your lead at 10-15 degrees towards the welding direction. Extreme edges make the weld unev..
Danox Welding - Tips on Purchasing Your First Welding Machine
Yay! So, it’s time to purchase your first welding machine. You are excited, and we at Danox Welding are excited for you too! However, you shouldn’t just go out there and grab the first shiny thing you set your eyes on. There is a chance that is the best pick for you, and there is another chance that you get home or reaches your workplace to realise it’s the worst buy ever. We don’t want you to take such chances. How about knowing just what you want before you leave your home or workplace? Follow through this post with us at Danox Welding! Consider your welding projects The choice of w..
Danox Welding - What are the different types of Welding?
Working with heavy-duty metals and the process of 'welding' can be intimidating to many individuals, but it can also be empowering to some. Having the capability to transform some of the world's strongest materials into different shapes and amazing products! Furthermore, with the advent of technologies today, the process of welding had changed and evolved over the years. Thus, it is incredibly essential to understand the differences between all the existing welding techniques in order to make the right decision of using the right welding technique or process for the right job. Despite th..
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