Danox Welding - 5 Steps To Improve Your Welding Technique

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Danox Welding - 5 Steps To Improve Your Welding Technique

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Danox Welding - 5 Steps To Improve Your Welding Technique

Danox Welding - 5 Steps To Improve Your Welding Technique

Whether you're a beginner or an amateur who had practised for some time, welding can still be a complicated thing to master. Hence, there are quite a few things to consider such as the correct angle to handle your torch, proper welding direction, speed, effort, distance and a lot more. Without further ado, Danox Welding is here today to share with you some useful tips on how you could improve your welding technique.

Let's begin!

Step 1. Correct Torch Angle

When handling the torch, make it a habit of tilting your lead at 10-15 degrees towards the welding direction. Extreme edges make the weld uneven; as a result, your welding attempt may look thicker or thinner in different surfaces.

Step 2. Grinding Your Tungsten Properly

Regardless of the material, to properly grind your electrode, position it to in a parallel direction towards the grinding wheel. That gives your hand the proper support and excellent grip to precisely achieve the pointy edge that you want for the filling material. For the final touch, flatten the tip of your electrode.

Step 3. Smooth Application

Most beginners tend to make mistakes by cutting short the motion or hopping in the filler rod. It is essential to master the smoothing process by allowing the equal distribution of the filling material, avoid creating nasty and bulky surfaces on top of the weld bead.

Step 4. Directing Your Lead

If you are right handed, try to start your direction from left to right and vice versa for left handed. It is essential that you find your most comfortable position, but you should avoid wrapping the wires to your body as it may cause accidents.

Step 5. Managing The Temperature

What optimally makes welding better would be managing the overall temperature. If too much heat is applied to the material, it makes the weld look too dark and overly burnt, and you would not want that to happen. As much as possible, try to reduce the amperage and adjust your speed while attempting your welding session. Aim for the lovely burn colour, usually the bluish-purple, salmon colour.

At Danox Welding, we believe that practice makes perfect. With optimal times of training and practising, we believe you can be a welding pro too!

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