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MODEL GZ5 GZ10 GZ20 GZ40 GZ60 GZ80 GZ100
Max Rotational Drive Capacity (kg) 5000 100000 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000
Applied Job Dia. (mm) 90 Φ250~Φ 2300 Φ300~Φ 2800 Φ500~Φ 3500 Φ600~Φ 4200 Φ750~Φ 4800 850~Φ 5000 1000~Φ 2300
120 Φ250~Φ 3000 Φ320~Φ3600 Φ500~Φ 4300 Φ600~Φ5200
Rubber Φ250~Φ100 Φ300~Φ 120 Φ350~Φ 120 Φ400~Φ 120 Φ450~Φ 120 Φ500~Φ 120 Φ500 x 120
Metal 2 x Φ250 x 20 2 x Φ294 x 25 2 x Φ344x 30 2 x Φ394 x 40 2 x Φ444x 50 2 x Φ494 x 20 2 x Φ494 x 80
Linear Speed (m/h) 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60
Motor Power (kw) 0.75 1.1 1.5 3 4 4 5.5
Speed Adjust Stepless electro-magnetic or inverter


The main function of the Self-Aligned Welding Rotator is to roll work pieces of different sizes without changing the wheel center. The machine is driven by a DC or AC motor to ensure constant speed with outer balance loads of 15% and electronically controlled by a remote control panel which is attached to a standard 10 metre length cable. The roller wheel consists of specialised heavy duty tyres of 65 degree dural hardness. The Self-Aligned Rotator can also be used as:
- A hi-tech anti-creep device providing +/- 5 degree
creep control
- Digital read LED present speed indicator
- Hi-stress rubber cushion mounts to absorb shock
loads and avoid gear box damage
- Synchronising control accessory for multiple connections of power frames
- An overload disc to avoid any possible tyre damage. Special features like drive system, electronic control,
DC or AC motor, skid mount protection, hi-tech torque frame, hi-tech anti creep device, tyres specialised designed to 65 degree dural hardness and overload
disc Option:
- Bogie mounted frames
- Overload disc to avoid any possible tyre damage.
- Mechanised electric power bogie mounted frames


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