gantry automation welding system

gantry automation welding system


    Product Description

longitudinal welding of long structural beams with web in vertical position and with active compensation of working positions of torchesDIG shipbuilding production automation range

  • plat production panel lines and welding station
  • subassembly production line and welding station
  • T-beam&H-beam production line
  • robotised profile cutting line
  • pipe production line
panel line–control system

  • Welding Process Control module
  • Motor control module
  • Logistics control module
  • Production planning management system
  • Material management system
  • Process design management system
  • Self diagnosis system
  • Remote control mode
  • MES&ERP data interface
subassembly production line

  1. plate welding station
  2. plate correct station
  3. marking & cutting station
  4. profile mounting station
  5. profile vision robot welding station
  6. web correct station
  7. vision measurement system
robotised profile cutting line
These machines are used to build marine engineering equipment and
large ships, and constitute a complete industrial manufacturing line
that can cut, mark, and print various materials. These materials
include equal angle steel, flat bulb steel, and flat steel, and can be
automatically manufactured according to various production
specifications.These production lines utilize robotic plasma cutting methods which can match
formats from most ship design software applications, and be programmed to
automatically execute cutting orders with no manual operation required.

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