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    Product Description



– Simplify and intuitive interface – Custom remnants setting for new part nesting
– CAD layer can be assigned for different type of CAD in DXF & DWG – Interactive manual and automatic advanced true shape nesting
– Automatica assign cut sequence, leads-in/out, tool paths. – Able to drag and drop, copy, bump, mirror and rotate the part while nesting
– Advanced edit the profile, change and set the cut sequence, leads-in, tap,kerfs, cut direction, enlarge, close open profile and delete the parts. – Simple and powerful common line cutting, chain and bridge cutting
– Explode and contain the multi-parts from CAD file – Automatic assign the cut speed for different profiles, different kerfs compensation and automatic enable/disable the torch height control
– Plate setting for any rectangular or circular dimension – Automatic part, production cost, nest utilization calculation
Use together three kinds of technical: CNC control, precise machinery, gas cutting, plasma. It can vertically cut and shape of metal sheet according to the program. Torches can work at the same time, which make the high efficiency. Flame torch, plasma torch and trip torch are available. The torches and the rails length and rail width can be designed according to customers’ requirement.
0.1 Transverse Drag-chain
Used In Transmission For Cutting Torch’s Gas Pipe ; With Continuous Anti-Weariness Working capacity
0.2 Transverse Carriage And Torch Lifter
Inside Of Torch Lifter Is Fit With Limit Switch Protection And Outside Of That Is proof-dust Cover With Reasonable Structure And Flexible Elevation Unit
0.3 Mainframe
The Beam Is Bent And Weld Into Shape With Quality Steel For Once, And Stress-relieved Through Tempering Integrally, Then Gone Through Finishing Mechanical Processing, With high Intensity And Good Rigidity, Ensuring Beam Won’t Transfigure Forever. Precise Guide-way And Precise Rack Are Assembled On It, Ensuring Transverse Precision. Transverse Rack Is Fixed With Bolt Onto Beam For Easy Replacement And Adjustment In Time.
0.4 Pneumatic Pipe Arrangment
Fit Flow-back, Safe And Reliable Gas Distribution To Each Torch Can Fully Be Ensured
0.5 Cutting Platform
It Is Produced By Client
0.6 Linear Guide Track
Much More Precision, More Stable
0.7 CNC Cutting Torch
According To User’s Requirement, Assemble CNC Flame Single Torch, Power-spray Scrible Torch, Stamping Unit, Plasma Mechanical Torch or Linear triple Cutting Torch, Or Fit Auto Igniter and Auto Height Controller Additional.
0.8 Auto Igniter
The Power Supply Of Low-voltage Block Of Igniter Is AC24V, Safe And Reliable, Guaranteeing High Probability Of Successful Ignition
0.9 Steel-band Transmission Unit
The Beam Is Bent And Weld Into Shape With Quality
Thru Steel-band, Idler Carriage Moves With Driving One
10. Longitudinal Driving Side-Beam
One Side Of Driving Frame Is Fit With Horizontal Control Roller, Making Stable Running Of Entire
Machine During Working. There Are Scrapers At Both Sides Of Driving Beam For Scraping Sundries
Amassed On Rail Surface All The While.
11. Auto Height Controller
Meet Requirement Of High-quality Cutting And Reducing Scrap, Adapt To Rigorous Enviroment Of Cutting Site
12. Gas Panel
Made Of Gas Decompression Valve and Pressure Guage. Clear To Check The Whole Machine Pressure
13. CNC System
Choice : Beijing START, Spanish FAGOR, American EDGE, American BURNY10. AUSTRALIA FastCNC, Canada Profiler
14. Longitudinal Rail
Adopt U71Mn\38kg Heavy-duty For Fine Machining
15. Beam Support
It Is Produced By Client


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