Portable, Automatic, All-Position Cutting Machine

All-Position Gas Cutting Machine

The KOIKE IK-72T cuts various types of steel including channel, curved plate and angled steel members. KOIKE's IK-72T unit is ideal for ships, vessels, domes and tank/building repair.

    Product Description

IK-7W Features and Benefits

  • Remote Pendant
  • Allows welder to work in a more ergonomic positioner
  • Permanent Magnetic Track
  • Secures track to plate; allows track to be used vertically
  • 1D 1,500 mm (60 in.) Extendable Rail
  • Aluminum rail; makes accurate straight cuts; extendable track allows welding of longer parts
  • Clutch Lever
  • Releases side rollers to allow quick positioning of machine on rail
  • Innovative Use of Materials for Precision Welding
  • Light weight aluminum tubing and permanent magnets allow easy alignment and portability.

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